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 Post subject: [Declined] Warlock - Demonology
PostPosted: 18:31, Sun, 04/06/2017 

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Personal information


Th3Rabb1t #2878

How well does your computer handle 20man raiding (FPS and ping)?
Handles it alright, also record kills too with no issue

Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it?

Character information

Armory link: ... on/lioanta

For how long have you played WoW?
Raided through Ulduar/ToC back in Wrath then quit before ICC dropped, recently returned a few weeks before leigon launched. Have a total of 77 days played across my characters, 22 days on my prot paladin I played during early EN and 43 days played on my warlock that I rerolled to in December

Main Specialization:

Would you be willing to switch to another specialization of your class?
Yes, can play affi reasonably well but not had much chance to play around with it in Mythic due to raid leading our Mythic progression. Some experience on destro but given its current state and upcoming changes in 7.2.5 I haven’t put much time into learning the ins and outs but I will be picking this up once the 7.2.5 changes drop.

Demonology - 911 ilevel equipped - 52 Traits
Affliction - 909 ilevel equipped - 50 Traits
Destro - 910 ilevel equipped - 46 Traits

Would you be willing to switch to another class?
Yes, I currently have a 900 ilevel mage I have being gearing over the last 2 weeks that I would reroll to if needed

If you have logs to demonstrate your ability to raid, link here: ... on/lioanta

(As a side note and please don’t take this as making excuses, some of the parses are a little low on fights like trilliax as I prioritized mechanics over dps and gave myself mechanical roles (i.e feast person) that a demonology warlock wouldn’t be expected to do due to their poor dps during movement)

Raiding information

What was your last guild and why did you leave it?
My current guild is Irithyll, I helped form the guild towards the end of March with a few friends from the guild before that one. I hold the rank of officer/raid leader and we built a team and progress from 1/10 to 8/10 fairly quickly then walled at elisande. At this stage I just want to step back from the responsibility of being an officer/raid leader and get back to enjoying raiding.

Are you able to attend close to 100% of our raid times?

Please give a detailed summary of your raiding experience:

7/7 Cutting Edge EN
2/3 ToV Mythic
8/10 NH M

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I am prepared, enthusiastic and motivated to push content as quickly as possible. I understand the norms of mythic raiding (sitting out on progression etc) and have a strong focus on guild progression over personal progression as well as being very loyal to guilds I earn a spot in. I research class changes and always look for chances to min-max as well as watching spec specific pov videos for boss mechanics. I am open to criticism and feedback on personal performance. I generally get along with people and don’t have much issue fitting in and having a laugh but also understand the importance of being focused during pulls/progression.

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 Post subject: Re: Warlock - Demonology
PostPosted: 19:15, Sun, 04/06/2017 
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Good evening,

Thank you for applying. We'll review your application and get back to you within a day or three.

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 Post subject: Re: Warlock - Demonology
PostPosted: 16:43, Mon, 05/06/2017 

Joined: 18:22, Sun, 04/06/2017
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I would like to retract my application, I apologise for any inconvenience

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